SESAC Supports Creators For Ukraine

SESAC and its employees support the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian creative community in their valiant struggle for freedom. As an initial token of our support, we’ve donated $100,000 to support Creators For Ukraine, a collective of CMOs, PROs and other organizations working together to provide financial support to Ukrainian creators, songwriters and composers during this challenging time. 

We’re seeking ways to do more in coming weeks and want to inspire other companies and organizations in the creative community to do whatever they are able to support the Ukrainian creative community at this critical time.

To learn more about how to get involved visit

Below is a letter sent from Milosz Bembinow of ZAIKS which details how the funds are being used and what is being done specifically to support the creators of Ukraine who have had to flee their homes.  There is also detailed information about what organizations can do to help.

Dear Colleagues,

Following numerous emails and calls exchanged internationally regarding the situation in Ukraine and discussions on how we can help our friends from Ukraine, we would like to inform you about the actions undertaken in Poland. They include the launch of aid funds, as well as resources provided by ZAiKS and CISAC. 

Since the terrible invasion of Ukraine initiated by Russia on 24 February, we have been in contact with our colleagues from sister societies NGO UACRR and CINEMA management, who are based in Kyiv. The goal was to hear about their most urgent needs and find solutions of providing immediate and long-term assistance for the creative community in need. 

So far, the Society of Authors ZAiKS has been hosting incoming refugees arriving from Ukraine in our Houses of Creative Work. With a focus on people transiting via the Warsaw area, we have been offering access to accommodation and food for free to war refugees, including creators and their families. The objective is to give a safe shelter and financial support for those who need it the most. 

At ZAiKS we launched a dedicated website to inform about our national project “ZAiKS for Ukraine” with funding for Ukrainian artists and creators across all genres. The Management Board of ZAiKS initially secured an amount of 1 000 000 PLN (220 000 EUR) for the fund. The idea is to transfer an allowance of 5 000 PLN (1100 EUR) per person for beneficiaries representing the creative and culture sectors (and their family members). We are also expecting to receive a public endorsement of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland. If you are willing to support the cause via ZAiKS, please consider donating.

Together with CISAC, we launched an international fund and campaign “Creators for Ukraine”. Our goal is to operate international financial relief via the Society of Authors ZAiKS. Adding to the recent communications from ZAiKS and CISAC, and alongside other Central Eastern European CMO’s who are neighbours of Ukraine, we will make sure to distribute grants collected by CISAC directly to concerned refugees from the creative and culture sectors.

All information about “Creators for Ukraine” and initiatives like “Songs for Ukraine” as well as where you can donate can be found on the website:

As part of our campaign, we have also prepared a set of graphic materials which can be used in social media and printed out and displayed as a sign of support for our Ukrainian friends. 

One of the first organizations to donate to the Creators for Ukraine fund with a transfer received by ZAiKS was SESAC, for which we are very grateful.

We believe that together we shall overcome this most difficult time for our Ukrainian friends, also through international solidarity. 

Attached you’ll find graphic materials needed for the communication of our Creators for Ukraine fund. Feel free to use and reformat as you wish. Please use the tag #Creatorsforukraine and direct to the website:

With best regards,

Miłosz Bembinow
Vice President of the Board, ZAIKS


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