My current entertainment policy includes the use of television programming supplied by a satellite or cable provider. Why do I need a SESAC Music Performance License?

The license agreements SESAC has with your provider and the stations carried over their systems do not extend to authorize the public performance of those programs in your business. Copyrighted compositions represented by SESAC are regularly featured in sports, news, movies and entertainment programs, as well as in national or regional advertisements on virtually every television, cable and satellite station nationwide.

The SESAC license agreement for the audio-only background music product featured on many satellite and cable systems does provide limited authorization for that single source of music, however, that limited authorization does not extend to any of the other programming supplied nor does it extend to authorize any other performance of music not supplied by the satellite or cable system, such as tapes, compact discs or live music.

Licenses you may have with other performing rights organizations, background music suppliers, cable, or satellite providers in no way provide you with the authorization needed to perform SESAC represented copyrights via television transmissions.


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