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SESAC is offering current accredited members who operate zoos, aquariums, and similar establishments a 10% discount off license fees for the SESAC Museums, Planetariums, Zoos and Aquariums agreement

Why Do You Need a License?

SESAC is a Performing Rights Organization recognized by the U.S. Copyright office, and if your customers can hear music in your business, then you likely need to secure a music performance license.

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Download the application below and email the completed form to in order obtain your license.

  • It’s the law: U.S. Copyright Law requires the advanced authorization for the use of live and recorded music, TV, radio, or streaming music
  • Thousands of businesses large and small license with us – and have for over 90 years
  • Customized Blanket Music Licenses created for your business needs
  • Over 1.5 million songs from top-selling writers and composers

What is a PRO?

A Performing Rights Organization (PRO) represents the copyrighted musical works of songwriters, composers, and music publishers. A PRO provides businesses using music (bars and nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, fitness centers, country clubs, zoos, and aquariums) the ability to obtain a license granting blanket authorization to use the music it represents in exchange for license fees.

SESAC is Trusted by Thousands of Businesses and Associations

Why Paying for A Music License Matters

  • How Music Licensing Works for Your Business

    Make sure you’re getting the right music license for your business. Rights Simplified. Royalties Amplified.

  • 7 Things You Need to Know About Licenses

    As a business owner, it’s important to make sure you have a music license in place for the songs that you are playing. Here are 7 things you need to know about music licenses.

  • All About Music Performance Licensing

    As the owner of a music venue, you need to make sure you have a music performance license so that songwriters can get paid for the performances of their songs. In this video, you hear from Chris Blair, owner of The Listening Room in Nashville, TN.


SESAC All Time Greatest Hits

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    Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
  • Atomic Dog - George Clinton
    Atomic Dog George Clinton
  • Easy on Me - Adele
    Easy on Me Adele
  • End of The Road - Boyz II Men
    End of The Road Boyz II Men

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