Music Licensing Fees: How are they determined?

Music Licensing Fees: How are they determined?

For a business using music, music licensing fees are part of their operational costs. But not all businesses are created equally. SESAC considers the variety of ways and degree to which music is utilized in different industries. With that in mind, music licensing fees vary by industry. 

For example, a restaurant with a live band on Saturdays doesn’t use music in the same way or to the same degree as a radio broadcaster. A gym hosting group fitness classes does not utilize music in the same way as a corporate office that hires a karaoke company for their holiday party every year.

Several industry specific SESAC Performance Licenses can be obtained online today at SESAC: Get a License. Some have additional complexities and business owners are advised to schedule a consultation with a SESAC representative.  SESAC’s team of music licensing experts educate and assist business owners daily to help them achieve their compliance goals.


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