SESAC is Committed to Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

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SESAC is Committed to Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

We are passionate and committed to implementing initiatives that shape our community.

SESAC is built on collaboration, citizenship and creativity within an inclusive environment. Our commitment to excellence is not only reflected within our company culture and its diverse team of professionals, but also throughout our roster of the best creators in the business.

SESAC is committed to an open and friendly community that is designed to energize and empower everyone’s growth within the organization and within our industry.

The SESAC Diversity & Inclusion Network

SESAC Chairman and CEO John Josephson and the executive team led the establishment of The Diversity & Inclusion Network, represented by a diverse team of talent across SESAC Music Group.

Under their leadership, the team established a process to evaluate best practices and build programs to enhance diversity and inclusion across all business units.

The D&I Network meets frequently to discuss how the company can make an impact and propel a sense of equality and respect at work and beyond. The network is passionate about making a difference as they create a path forward to both implement initiatives internally and help shape our communities.

  • Talent Acquisition

    • Create responsive recruitment programs
    • Expand diversity in hiring at all levels
    • Establish university programs for recruiting
  • Education & Mentorship

    • Internships with Minority Colleges
    • Career Development Opportunities
    • Multi-Level Staff Mentorship Programs
  • Advocacy & Community Outreach

    • Fund Organizations Providing Support to Black Creators
    • Identify and Encourage Volunteer Opportunities and Civic Engagement
    • Partner with Affiliates Celebrating Cultural Influence
  • Employee Engagement

    • Recognize and Celebrate Changemakers
    • Integrate Diversity Training/Cognitive Bias Training
    • Host Company-Wide Discovery Roundtable Sessions

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