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Published: 6/26/2009

Like Whiskeytown once sang, we've got "16 Days" until Artist Submissions will be closed for NBN 09 (all apologies Mr. Adams) so DON'T DELAY -ww.americansongspace.com/submission/NBN09">http://www.americansongspace.com/submission/NBN09

"Having kicked off with 33 bands in 2006, Nashville's local-centric take on a SXSW-style music festival, Next Big Nashville, has grown exponentially since its inaugural run, with 2009 promising to host more than 200 artists. Focusing on local rock bands culled from all factions of the local and regional music scene, NBN has quickly become the party of year for local musicians and music fans alike"

A Nashville connection certainly helps, but our submission process is open to artists from anywhere. NBN's purpose is to celebrate the creative center that is Music City, not just the great artists who call Nashville home. 

If you have any issues with the submission platform please email: Submissions@americansongspace.com. NOTE: There have been some issues with Safari.
If you have any inquiries regarding sponsorships please contact: Lindsay Friedgood, lfriedgood@americansongwriter.com.