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Published: 10/24/2007

ReverbNation Launches Record Label Profile Pages

ReverbNation Launches Profile Pages designed for Record Labels & Managers, Plus a Full-Service Music Marketing Division

 (New York, NY – Oct 23,  2007) After months of anticipation, ReverbNation.com has launched the beta version of Record Label and Manager profile pages, complete with a suite of powerful free tools designed to meet the needs of Labels and Band Managers of all sizes. The offering includes many of the same features that have helped connect more than 60,000 Artists with over 1,350,000 music fans worldwide.

Profiles include sections for latest releases, news, songs, info about the label, and an interactive artist roster.  Labels and Managers can add artist profile pages to ReverbNation directly from their Profile page and maintain administrative control over those artist pages, or turn them over to the artists to manage themselves.

Labels/Managers also get a special version of the TuneWidget to promote (and cross-promote) their entire roster all over the web.  Widgets can be coupled with the free street team function to automatically track the fans that help spread the widgets and banners.  FanReach, the highly acclaimed free fan communication system, is also available for Labels to use to manage their fan lists as well as the lists of each of their artists. 

“We’re so excited to unleash the power of ReverbNation for our label.  We’ve been using the site for promoting our artists, and now we can use it to promote the Label as well.  ReverbNation is changing the landscape of the music business,” said Jason Bieler of Bieler Bros Records (Skindred, other artists here).

“Record Labels will always play a critical role in finding talent and popularizing music, no matter how much the business changes.  What they do and how they do it may change dramatically over  time, but they will always be around.  We’ve listened carefully to our label friends and their needs,” said Mike Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation.com.

For an overview of Record Label Profile pages, go here:ww.reverbnation.com/main/overview_label">http://www.reverbnation.com/main/overview_label