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Published: 8/18/2017

Song Arts Academy Teams Up With SESAC for Production Training Of Music Producers

Song Arts Academy held its first MAKING AWESOME TRACKS seminar last month at The Manhattan Center's state-of-the-art Neve flying fader studio in Manhattan.

The two-day seminar sponsored by SESAC brought together some of NY's best producers working in POP production and 15 producer participants looking to gain deeper practical knowledge of 5 to 8 of the most popular software programs and platforms used in making today's hit records.
Song Arts founder Billy Seidman says, "Young producers want to get their hands on the tools and learn how to use them. They want to work with the software that makes and shapes sound. They need to work with generous, experienced producers with big ears and programming chops to show them how to shape sonics and transform musical parts into fat, layered tracks that stand out and compete in today’s competitive industry.”

Working with producers Jon Buscema and Pablo San Martin, the seminar focused on the Logic, Ableton, and Pro Tools formats, and on training using specific software programs including Massive, Omnisphere, Battery, Serum, and Sylenth.

Producer Jon Buscema says, "We wanted to help everyone work hands-on with Massive, Omnisphere, and Battery, showing them how to make really high quality music with the right production tools a lot of people work with but many don't know how to fully take advantage of. That and to create an environment where creative "ah-ha!" moments and happy musical accidents happen."

To do that, day one was structured around showing how to use the tools and on day two, we broke into groups to produce tracks to toplines. The participants built tracks around the toplines applying what they learned in day one.

Seidman says, “The Making Awesome Tracks Seminars take a lot of the guesswork out of approaching contemporary production while creating opportunities to experiment with the tools, collaborate, and meet peers."

Pablo San Martin says, "Using Ableton, Serum, and Sylenth software allowed everyone to develop, with ease, complex sounds and textures from scratch. These specific tools create the evolving sounds vital in modern record production and define the creation of songs with deep groovy basses, organic pluck sounds, and even modulating vocal techniques that are not always easy to achieve.” The seminar also focused on mixing and specific areas in which developing producers have challenges such as getting a great vocal sound or adding mastering touches.

San Martin says, "We explored the art of working properly with delays, reverbs, and overall automation that add dimension and depth to achieve a spatial, 3D effect to mixes as well."

Song Arts, founded four years ago, has become a prime learning destination for singer/songwriters looking to train in and use advanced song craft techniques. "It became clear to me that the line between track and song had been blurring for well over 20 years and only a few educational organizations understood that and offered coursework to address it." says Billy, “Song Arts clients are serious working artists, writers, and producers. Giving them great training and great value for their money matters to me. This seminar is Jon's, Pablo's, and my way of offering college level coursework for hard working, developing pros at a realistic price.”

The next MAKING AWESOME TRACKS seminar will be held Saturday, September 30th, and Sunday, October 1st, in Manhattan.  The Seminar costs $350.00Seminar limited to 15 producers. To sign up / Apply, visit: www.songartsacademy.com  or go to: Song Arts Making Awesome Tracks Seminar