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Published: 5/5/2016

Join SESAC at this year's Music Biz Conference!


Getting Paid: By Stream Or Market Share?

Date: Tuesday, May 17

Time: 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Description: Bring your green-eye shades and spreadsheets for one of Hollywood's  hottest topics: How is music money paid? In a digital world of granular data, some money remains divided by market share. Today's interactive streaming debates center on the difference between getting paid per stream or taking a percentage-driven piece of a pie. This panel is a deep dive into revenue streams large and small, deep and shallow. Acronyms will abound, but we'll define them all. If you wonder how your money reaches your accounts, do not miss this panel.

Moderator: Jim Griffin (Managing Director, Hazen/OneHouse)

Speakers: John Raso (Sr. VP, Client Services, HFA & Rumblefish), Vickie Nauman (Principle & Owner, CrossBorderWorks), Benji Rogers (Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, PledgeMusic), David M Ross (President, BossRoss Media)


Keynote: Copyright, Copy-left, Copy-wrongs?

Date: Wednesday, May 18

Time: 9:00am - 9:20am

Description: Although the business landscape has shifted drastically for the American songwriter, the world’s appetite for great original music is stronger than ever. Bogard will provide a brief overview of current copyright issues for songwriters, publishers and PROs from a legislative, DOJ and Copyright Office perspective. He’ll also recap positive signs in the recorded music market due to growth in streaming volume and income.

Speaker: Steve Bogard (Staff Writer/Director, BBR Music Group/The Copyright Forum; SESAC Songwriter)


Breaking The Mold: Modern Music Publishing

Date: Wednesday, May 18

Time: 9:25am - 10:15am

Description: Almost every segment of the music industry has become a hybrid of what it used be at its inception. This is a trend that remains true and continues to gain momentum for publishers. From blockchain methodologies for artists like Imogen Heap to managing their own releases and distribution, the modern publisher is agile and forward-thinking. Our roster of expert panelists will expand upon these topics and much more.

Moderator: Joe Conyers III (General Manager/VP, Technology, Songtrust/Downtown Music Publishing)

Speakers: Scott Jungmichel (Sr. VP, Royalty Distribution/Research Services Department, SESAC), Darryl Ballantyne (Founder & CEO, LyricFind), Robert Clement (CEO, Songspace), Kenley Flynn (Creative Director, Combustion Music)

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