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Published: 8/2/2013

Give Fans The Credit

SESAC is proud to have partnered with The Recording Academy on the recently-launchedww.givefansthecredit.com" target="_blank">“Give Fans The Credit” initiative. “Give Fans The Credit" advocates for the inclusion of credits for songwriters, nonfeatured performers such as session musicians and backing vocalists, producers and engineers in digital music, just as they are listed in liner notes that come with physical media. Currently, the only credits consumers are able to see in most digital services are the song title, album, and featured artist.  In May, Rhapsody became the first digital music service to support the initiative.  An online petition for fans to sign and more information is available atww.givefansthecredit.com" target="_blank">www.givefansthecredit.com.