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Published: 11/13/2013

Michèle Vice-Maslin and MUSIC IS MY AIR proudly present HAPPY HOUR: JUST DO IT!!!

Saturday Afternoon December 7, 2013  2pm - 6pm
The Santa Monica Masonic Center
926 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica CA, 90401

An Informal and Informative afternoon of drinks, snacks and Q&A... about songwriting, recording artists, music production, music publishing, licensing, pitching, placing and basically all things music biz.

For aspiring and active singers, songwriters, music producers, music publishers, song pluggers, record company execs. and anyone who has ever wanted to work in or know about the music business.

Led by one who is actively “doing it!” Emmy WInning, #1 Hit Songwriter. Producer, Arranger, Publisher, Mentorww.sweetersongs.com/" target="_blank">Michèle Vice-Maslin.

Come armed with your questions, a song to play for critique, or just come to participate and hang.

For more information visitww.sweetersongs.com/musicismyair.html" target="_blank">www.sweetersongs.com

Please register in advance HERE
Admission per person: $60.00


- Song critique (What makes a “good” song & a “great” song! How to always be better)
- Collaborating
- Networking
- Social Networking
- Getting the most out of seminars attended
- Follow-ups
- Saying yes and following through
- How polite tenacity pays off
- No excuses
- There is always money to spend and time to find for what you want to accomplish
- Being proactive
- Staying positive

Organizations, Events, Educational sites to attend and join and research:
 - Trade Shows - NMS, BILLBOARD Conferences, PRO Events, NARAS, CCC and AIMP events, AES, NAMM, SXSW, Sundance, Durango, NSAI Songposium, etc.

Publications and Web Sites to subscribe to:
 - Billboard. Hollywood Reporter, Songquarters, Songlink, Music Business Registry, My Hit Online, Music Connection, Variety, Television Week, etc.

Understanding the jobs of the players in the biz:
- Music Supervisors, A&R, Publishers. Pluggers, PRO, Attorneys, Managers, Producers, Arrangers, etc.

- Performance & Mechanical Royalties and how to read statements
- Synch & Master Licenses Fees and basic points to read in contracts

Pitching for Film/Tv, Games, Ads, etc.
- Record deals
- Publishing deals
- Music Licensing and pitching direct and through libraries and the basics of those types of deals
- How to pitch properly and effectively and efficiently
- Opportunities for Foreign placements and pitching to them
- Opportunities for indie artists

.....And the list is endless. We can discuss it all!
Looking forward to seeing you there!!