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Published: 4/12/2013

Digitalmusic.org presents Music Industry Metadata Summit

As our digital business continues to move forward, it’s essential that creative and business professionals understand why and how taking care of the “plumbing” is vital to the artist, the songwriter, the manager, the label, the distribution company, the digital services and, most importantly, the consumer.

digitalmusic.org’s Music Industry Metadata Summit, to be held in Los Angeles on  May 6 & 7 during Music Biz 2013, is an exclusive event designed to help executives and associated technologists understand the information systems for the future of the music business.

As a SESAC member, digitalmusic.org is offering you a special $100 registration discount for the event, making the registration price just $299. Simply use code ‘sesac100’ at http://musicmetadatasummit.eventbrite.com/

digitalmusic.org has put together a program that will have top industry thought leaders discuss the true business value of managing information, provide a basic overview of the landscape, and take a deep dive into some of the real, practical problems facing our industry. Discussions include:

•    Acronym Updates – CME, DDEX, GRD, IMR, ISRC and MusicBrainz
•    Artist Disambiguation
•    Record Release Dates
•    Takedown and Other Rights Conflict Management Issues
•    Classical, Jazz & Specialty Genre Metadata
•    Structured Metadata Search & The Semantic Web
•    Managing Photographic & Video Archival Assets
•    The Album Credit Ecosystem
•    You Are Not Alone: Metadata Lessons from the Book Publishing Industry
•    What The Music Business Can Learn From News Industry

For the full agenda and speakers, click here.

Want to attend the full Music Biz 2013 event, click here for more details.