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Published: 1/14/2013

Register Now for the Chart Writing and Basic Theory Workshops for Songwriters and Singers

The ability to write a great chart of your songs is an invaluable (and money saving) skill that any musician can develop. These interactive workshops will give you a better all-around understanding of how to communicate your songs and ideas using simple music notation. Go into your band rehearsals and recording sessions prepared and with confidence!

Basic Theory and Intro to Chart Writing Workshop” starts music theory from the beginning; a perfect class for you if you never learned any music theory, have lingering questions or gaps in your knowledge or just want a complete refresher.  Basic chart writing techniques will be introduced to get you started on your chart writing.

“Chart Writing for Songwriters and Singers” is for those who have a solid, working knowledge of music theory and are ready to put your songs in writing for a band rehearsal, gig or recording session. Get your charts together and let the process give you a different perspective on your song writing.

Taught by Tamara Hey, professional singer/songwriter, recording artist, music teacher, graduate of Berklee College of Music.  Over the years, Tamara has developed a unique way to explain subjects that many seem daunting.  Every student receives Tamara's basic theory workbook.

Each class is 5 consecutive weeks beginning at the end of January / beginning of February near Astor Place. The cost is $225 but SESAC members receive a discount of $25. Class size is limited. See the website for more information: ww.tamarahey.com/workshops.html">http://www.tamarahey.com/workshops.html