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Published: 11/1/2012

A&R Expo Comes to Musexpo 2013


The inaugural A&R EXPO comes to Los Angeles on Sunday, May 5th 2013 and will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood on the heels of the globally respected MUSEXPO (www.musexpo.net).
The A&R EXPO is an evolution of the highly successful International Songwriting Summit (ISS), which was originally held in London, England in 2008 and last year in Los Angeles. The ISS led to numerous creative and business opportunities for A&R’s, publishers, writers, producers and others vested in the creation of songs.

A&R EXPO is organized in partnership with the internationally renowned independent artist discovery and development firm A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO.

The event will be an international gathering of some of the world’s most exciting new and established A&R executives, songwriters, producers, publishers, music supervisors, rights societies and other creative mindsets. In addition, the summit will provide access to exclusive briefs 6 (six) weeks prior to the event allowing both established writers and unearthed creative talent to create and present the “next big global hit single/s.”

Over the course of the one day event, 150 participants (15 round-tables of 10 people) will liaise on various creative matters. This includes playback and feedback to cuts for A&R briefs, meeting with A&Rs and publishers to discuss what they’re currently seeking, input and discussion on overall songwriting and production processes, talent development and the commercialization of the song in the US and global markets.

Some of the A&R executives already confirmed to participate include: Korda Marshall – President, Infectious Records Group (UK); Max Gousse – Sr. VP A&R, Island Def Jam Music Group; Mio Vukovic - Sr. Vice President A&R/Head of Creative, Disney Music Group; Mike Flynn – Sr. Staff Producer & Executive VP A&R, Epic Records; Kai Roboele – Managing Director, Waterfall (Norway); Victor Murgatroyd – President, Cool Lava Music (Perez Hilton’s Music Co.) & GM of MJ Online (The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate); Sam Riback – Sr. VP A&R, Atlantic Records Group with many others to be unveiled in the coming weeks alongside of an impressive list of writers, publishers and other creative mindsets.

A&R Worldwide & MUSEXPO Founder Sat Bisla stated, “We are delighted to welcome some of the most talented and brightest minds from the creative communities to help foster a better global artistic and business dialogue in an intimate and focused setting. The quality and boutique nature of A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO and the A&R EXPO will always ensure that those who are serious about fostering more creative and business worldwide interaction can do so at an event like this.”
To be considered to register to participate at the A&R EXPO contact info@anrworldwide.com. Delegates will be required in some cases to also be confirmed to attend MUSEXPO 2013 to be eligible to attend the A&R EXPO.