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Published: 9/9/2010

Songhall Fall News

Our “Writer Workshops” for the fall are filling fast!  “Writer’s Workshop A” is in session, and “Writer’s Workshop B” is scheduled for Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30PM beginning September 29th.
Workshop Goal: To strengthen the songwriting skill set, and bring the emerging writer closer to the music industry through workshop sessions with hit songwriters and industry professionals in publishing, music licensing and A&R. Each participant will have been selected for this workshop on the basis of two songs submitted. These songs will be played and evaluated by the workshop in preparation for our guests who will listen and review. Along the way, all will gain the insights of the songwriters and industry professionals. There will be a Q&A period with each guest. Participants will be expected to begin working on a new song that will be shared with the workshop in its development, to be completed and performed during our 8th session. These songs may be co-written, and workshop participants collaborating together is encouraged.
Industry Guests: To be announced soon!

Click here for a description and application: Workshop B

Our next New Writer Showcase will be at The Bitter End on Wednesday, September 22nd from 8-10PM. Our performers for the evening will be JK Lee, Jessica Fine, Matt Rein, Beth Walker, Live Society, Alexis Foxe, Robert Briggs and Rebecca Correia.

The Hit Factory workshop, new events and our networking meetings are all on the way. No better time to join the SongHall than right now! 

Please contact Peter Bliss at pbliss@songhall.org for more information.