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Published: 3/11/2010

Songwriters Hall of Fame Networking Meeting With Peter M. Thall

Tuesday, March 23rd, 6:15 - 9:30 PM
Location: SHETLER STUDIO, 244 West 54th St., 12th Fl., Penthouse #1


Make new connections and grow your network to expand your music’s reach! Bring your iPods w/headphones with your songs and /or tracks to share. Demo producers; bring CD demos and business cards to hand out. Workshop Alumni; get together and share your music and your progress!  Projects Coordinator Peter Bliss will be on hand to answer questions and will also talk about the upcoming SongHall workshops, showcases, and events.
Feature Presentation by Music Industry Attorney Peter M. Thall
author of: What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business 

                The Myths, the Secrets, the Lies (& a Few Truths)
Topics covered include:
* How the Internet has affected every aspect of the music business, from copyright and royalty issues to censorship
* How many musicians have seized do-it-yourself Internet opportunities to create successful business models
* How satellite radio, digital jukeboxes, and video games are affecting the music market
* How artists can maximize their chances for long-term financial health
* What snares and pitfalls to avoid when signing an employment contract
* How the royalty pie is sliced—and who gets the pieces AND MANY MORE!
For more information about this Networking Meeting or any of our Songwriters Hall of Fame workshops or showcases, go to songhall.org or contact Peter Bliss at pbliss@songhall.org.