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Fall 2014

Featuring American Authors plus SESAC Signs Mariah Carey!

American Authors

American Authors Spent Years Getting To The “Best Day Of My Life”

Seth Mosley

He’s served as the frontman and driving force behind Christian rockers Me In Motion since 2006...

Hezekiah Walker

Hezekiah Walker is a choir guy. Always has been.


Fresh from their win at the SESAC 2014 Pop Awards, the talented me...

Denisia BLU JUNE Andrews

In the male-dominated world of hip hop...

Wyatt Durrette

Wyatt Durrette’s big songwriting career began in a small way...

All That Remains

“It really can’t be denied at this point. All That Remains is a force to be reckoned with,”

Diarrhea Planet

Rock critics have no problem writing it, pre-adolescent boys delight in saying it...

  President Message

Messsage from Pat Collins, SESAC's President & COO

New and Now

Featuring new artists Kim Logan, Edgar Allan Poets, Mother Feather, Laura Lee Bishop and Brianna Colette

News and Events
Mariah Carey

The Best-Selling Female Artist of All Time joins SESAC on the heels of the release of her brand new critically acclaimed album Me. I Am Mariah…the Elusive Chanteuse

Pop Awards

SESAC's 18th Annual Pop Awards at The New York Public Library on May 5.

Film and TV Awards

SESAC celebrates at the 2014 Film and TV Awards Composers Awards

SESAC Latina Music Awards

SESAC Latina Music Awards 2014 Recognizes the Best of Contemporary Music at its 20th Anniversary Celebration.

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