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Spring 2013

Also In This Issue: Jerry Cantrell, Wavves, Nikhil Seetharam, Rhett Walker

Billy Mann

Even in an industry full of multi-talents, Billy Mann stands out...

Nikhil Seetharam

Success can mean different things to different people. But for Canadian producer, songwriter and composer Nikhil Seetharam...

Best Coast

Bursting out of the L.A. music scene in 2009 with a signature lo-fi fuzzy, surf-rock-ish sound...


Nathan Williams and Stephen Pope, the front man and bassist respectively of San Diego-based surf-pop duo Wavves...

The Virgins

If you think the New York rock scene started and ended with the CBGB glory days of the Ramones, Talking Heads and Blondie...

Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers, who as Youth Lagoon delivered insinuatingly dreamy, lo-fi pop to much acclaim...

Rhett Walker

His leadoff single garnered a GRAMMY nomination (the first debut from a Christian artist to achieve that distinction)...

Blue Sky Riders

Blue Sky Riders almost didn’t achieve lift-off. Luckily, the vocal trio of independently successful and seasoned singer-songwriters...

Emily King

The first thing Emily King can remember wanting to be when she grew up was a doctor...

Jaron Boyer

With his beat up baseball cap and thick southern drawl, Jaron Boyer may seem a lot like any successful songwriter along Music Row...

Jerry Cantrell

“We feel that we have to please ourselves, first and foremost. You have to focus on the stuff that gets you off … that’s what you bank on..."

Ricky Muñoz

Ricky Muñoz, leader, founder, accordionist and vocalist of the award-winning group Intocable...

  President's Message

Pat Collins, SESAC's President & COO

New And Now

Featuring new and now SESAC affiliates The Apache Relay, Core 10, Fight The Quiet, Julian “Keyz” Thomas, KNS Rock Star, Marc Berger, Marie Hines and Roses & Revolutions

News and Events

It was a night of incredible music and celebration for many SESAC affiliates at the “55th Annual GRAMMY Awards” ...


SESAC Signs The Slow Show

Ellen Bligh Truley

SESAC's Ellen Bligh Truley Featured in Billboard

Tim Fink

SESAC's Tim Fink Named to AMA Board...

Grow Music Project

SESAC Joins As Partner For The "Grow Music Project"

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