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Spring 2012

Also in this issue: Geri Allen, Dee Snider, Moi & Jamie Grace

Tommy Lee

One of the legendary wild men of rock, Tommy Lee is now one of the busiest.

D. Woods

D. Woods, one-time member of the girl group Danity Kane, is truly doing things her way.

Jody Whitesides

In the Idol-fed, instant gratification-based pop landscape we’re currently occupying...


Being a much-buzzed about artist doesn’t seem to faze Brad Oberhofer, the 21-year-old figure who performs and records as, simply, Oberhofer.


It was Rolling Stone.com that stated, “Tearist’s sound and live image is about pushing people out of their comfort zone to the point where they question their own existence.”

Dee Snider

It didn’t take long for Dee Snider’s participation in the new season of Celebrity Apprentice to become the worst kept secret.

Catt Gravitt

They say that good things come to those who wait, and you’ll get no argument on that point from Catt Gravitt.

Lauren Kinhan

Mention singer/songwriter Lauren Kinhan to a group of jazz aficionados, and you might get such varied responses as, “Great singer. Love the albums she’s done.”

Lalah Hathaway

There’s no mystery as to why Lalah Hathaway chose music as a career; you could say she was born into it.

Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace... standing on stage at a recent performance, looking out at a sea of young faces singing along to every word of her Grammy-nominated debut single...


Born in Southern California to missionary parents from Mexico, Moisés “Moi” Navarro is aware that his parents’ journey is not the usual trajectory for immigrants.

Geri Allen

Like many successful musicians, renowned jazz pianist and award-winning composer Geri Allen knows a thing or two about hard work, dedication to one’s art and perseverance.

  President's Message

President's Message: Pat Collins President & COO

New And Now

Featuring new and now SESAC affiliates Darius “Phonix Beats” Barnes, Gareth Dunlop, Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson, Lacey Brown, Nenna Yvonne and Shea Rose


If you’ve recently received a message from SESAC notifying you of your unclaimed digital performance royalties, please register with SoundExchange to get paid ASAP! SoundExchange pays you as a performer while SESAC pays you as a songwriter, so you

News and Events
Nashville Music Awards

Hillary Scott Songwriter Of The Year; “Tomorrow” Song Of The Year Written by Anthony Smith; EMI Foray Music & Hillary Dawn Songs Publishers Of The Year

Ellen Truley

SESAC’S Ellen Truley Named One Of Billboard's Women In Music

Erin Collins

SESAC Names Erin Collins To Vice President, Film Television & Deleoping Media

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