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Summer 2010

Also in this issue, Elizabeth Cook, Ben Allison, Anna Margaret & more...

Rico Love

“I’m a fan of all music,” states songwriter/producer Rico Love. “I study Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Elton John and Queen the same way that a basketball or football player will watch old games to prepare.”...

Elizabeth Cook

In a word: Synchronicity. The ideal creative elements collided as alt-country artist Elizabeth Cook was making her current album, Welder.

Like A Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” Named Greatest Song Of All Time

Marc Live

Twenty years in the hip-hop arena is an achievement not to be taken lightly but Marc Live manages to stay relevant...

Ray Wylie Hubbard

“I figured out pretty early, in high school, that it was cooler to write your own songs..."

Ben Allison

Nine albums in a little over 13 years is an impressive feat for any artist, but for jazz composer/bassist/bandleader Ben Allison, it’s all part of the gig...

Anna Margaret

At an age when many teens might be beginning to investigate their creativity, new SESAC member Anna Margaret is a veteran performer...

Remo the Hitmaker

After already making an impression as a leading actor in Broadway’s “The Lion King,” ... Remo Green aka Remo the Hitmaker literally does it all...

Tiombe Lockhart

“Ethnic disco” is how the members of New York City-based group Cubic Zirconia describe its music, but the term isn’t really inclusive enough...

Dead Country

It’s not often that an influential modern rock station like L.A.’s KROQ playlists a band without a major record deal. But one listen to Dead Country’s brand of revved-up melodic rock, and you’ll understand...

Noel Schajris

Basking in the glow of his recent #1 single, SESAC Latina affiliate Noel Schajris (SACM), who rose to fame as a member of Latin pop super-duo Sin Bandera...

A Musical Duo

After the hits, with their shock-rocking rebel years behind them, a surprising number of musicians wind up on the golf course. But for David Dachinger and “Radical” Rob Aster, “the links” have provided both creative inspiration a

  President's Message

President's Message, Pat Collins, President & COO

New and Now

New and upcoming SESAC affiliates Declan McGarry, The Vespers, Male Bonding and Sean Della Croce

News and Events
New York Awards

SESAC awarded Nate “Danja” Hills with top honors at the “14th Annual SESAC New York Music Awards” when he was named Songwriter of the Year at the event which was held May 12, at Manhattan’s IAC Building...

Film And TV Awards

SESAC honored its stellar roster of top film and television composers with the annual SESAC Film & Television Awards Dinner..


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