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Spring 2010

The SESAC Magazine Spring 2010 issue features MGMT on the cover. Other features include N'Dambi, Richgirl, Jay Fenix , Nanci Griffith and Sam & Ruby.


Resplendent in their garb and glib in their gab on the red carpet at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, the two founding members of MGMT...


After years of roughing it as a true independent recording artist, critically-acclaimed soul singer, songwriter N’dambi, released her latest album...


With their high-gloss image, seamless harmonies and savvy songs, the four members of RichGirl...

Nanci Griffith

Most of the last decade was a long, dry spell for influential Texas folk artist Nanci Griffith. The political situation...

Jay Fenix

Melanie Fiona’s signature song, “It Kills Me” may just be the breakthrough single of 2010....

Sam and Ruby

With roots that run from West Africa to Wisconsin, and all the way back to Nashville, Sam Brooker & Ruby Amanfu are...

John Swihart

Film and television composer John Swihart is forthright when it comes to explaining how he entered the trade...

David Muhlenfeld

The hapless rock band performing in pirate costumes at the fast food joint; the basement dwelling twenty something who wed a credit card defaulter; the hipster...

The Drums

Melding post-punk and ‘50s-style pop together may sound like an unholy mess...


Dance diva on the rise Amanda Warner – better known by her nom de pop MNDR...


Ever since 2008, when he started recording his alluring yet unlikely blend of girl group vocal melodies and scrappy noisepop under the name Wavves...

Scoop Deville

Fans of the recent Snoop Dogg single, “I Wanna Rock,” can thank producer-writer Scoop Deville...

Hussle Club

From rock icons like the Ramones and Talking Heads to lesser-known noise pioneers like James Chance and the Contortion...

Ellis Paul

Transitions are very much on the mind of Ellis Paul these day...

Marlin “Hookman” Bonds

As a well-schooled college graduate with a degree in music performance, St. Louis native Marlin “Hookman” Bond...

Nyticka Tiki Hemingway and Chuck Young

Having scored hits for Usher, City High, and others, R&B singer/songwriters Nyticka “Tiki” Hemingway and Chuck Young – collectively known as 925...


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