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SESAC: Your Partner in Music Licensing

As a business owner, we know you should be focused on growing and enjoying your business, so we make getting a music license quick and easy. We are your partner when it comes to making sure your business is legally licensed for music at the level that makes sense.  We offer licenses for every type of business. Let’s get yours licensed.

To start the process of obtaining a license, simply view and click through to the business type below that most closely describes your business.  For more info email licensing@sesac.com or call 1-800-826-9996.

> Music Licensing
Including: Amusement/Water Park, Arena/Stadium, Bowling Center, College & University, Concert Promoter, Convention Center, Country Club, Dance Studio, Festival, Health & Fitness Center (including Curves), Hotels and Resorts, Music In Business, Racetrack, Restaurants (including Night Club, Sports Bar & Tavern) Retail Store, Shopping Mall

> Internet Licensing
Internet and New Media.

> Broadcast Licensing
Television, Radio, Non-Commercial Radio, Low power FM and Cable 

> Request a Mechanical License
A mechanical license is the license required to make and distribute recordings. A mechanical license does not include lyric reprinting or sheet music print rights. For these rights, you must contact the publisher(s) directly. 

> Request a Synchronization License
A synchronization license is the license required to make and distribute audio visual recordings. A synchronization license does not include the right to use an existing recording (master) in association with a new audio visual product. You will need to obtain an additional "master use" license in order to combine an existing recording with a new audio visual project. To obtain a master license you will need to contact the owner of the sound recording, usually a record label.

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