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Music Licensing Information For Dance Schools

If it wasn't for music, dance wouldn't exist. If it weren't for composers, music wouldn't exist.

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WHAT THE LAW SAYS: The U.S. Copyright Law requires any business that performs copyrighted music to obtain, in advance, permission from the copyright owner or representative of the copyright owner. SESAC is one of the three US Performing Right Organizations (PRO) and can provide this required authorization on the behalf of our affiliated songwriters and music publishers. SESAC, established in 1930, is the second oldest and fastest growing PRO in the US. For more info visit the US Copyright Office.

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: See what the BBB says about music licensing for your business and the requirements under the US Copyright Law.

COVER ALL YOUR BASES: If you have any agreement with another PRO, that agreement does not provide you the required authorization to play the songs in the SESAC repertory. Businesses routinely obtain licenses from all three PRO's in the US. By doing so, they are authorized to play virtually all of the copyrighted music in the US, and the entire world. SESAC's goal is to provide you with the most convenient and cost effective way to obtain the required authorization to use all of the music in SESAC's repertory in your dance studio while providing compensation to music creators.