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What is a Cue Sheet?

Cue Sheets Explained

A cue sheet is a document created by the production company which lists all music used within a television program, special or movie. It includes song title, writer and publisher information, song duration and use type.

Registering Composition Used in a TV Program or Movie

Works commissioned specifically for motion pictures or television programs (e.g. theme music, bumper music or background cues) are registered from cue sheets provided by program production companies and need not be registered via separate registration forms. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that SESAC receives all cue sheets containing your works so that they are properly and timely registered.

Cue Sheet Submissions

Cue Sheets (i.e., registrations for TV/Film cues such as theme and background music) are given a grace period through the 15th of the first month following the end of the quarter in which to receive the same provision.  Payment may be delayed or forfeited due to late or incorrect registration.  SESAC has no obligation to make payment for performances of any works registered more than one year following the date of such performances.

Cue Sheets Submitted Before

Are Distributed On or Around

April 15

June 30

August 15

September 30

October 15

December 31

January 15

March 31

Please submit cue sheets to cuesheets@sesac.com.

View a sample cue sheet.