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Bazooka Tooth, the latest release from New York-based underground rapper Aesop Rock, will never be found in the ‘easy listening’ section of your local record store. But for the adventurous listener, this New York rapper serves up a sonic style that is uniquely his own. With a dizzying array of samples, beats and his signature rapid-fire-and-obscure lyrics, Aesop Rock paints a cynical-but-intriguing picture of modern life. Bazooka Tooth, which follows the rappers critically acclaimed release, Labor Days and its hit single, “Daylight,” takes things even further out, shifting gears and turning corners with ferocity and a velocity that leaves critics’ heads spinning. 

As an MC, Aesop Rock is a skillful, confident spinner of words, and his music is blissfully free of the ego-driven lyrics that characterize many of today’s Hip-Hop hits. With titles like “No Jumper Cables,” “Babies With Guns” and “Mars Attacks,” it’s anybody’s guess exactly what Aesop Rock is going on about, but, on the amazing Bazooka Tooth, figuring out what’s going on is half the fun.



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