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Live Performance Payments

SESAC pays its writer and publisher affiliates for live performances at all size venues across America through SESAC’s Live Performance Notification System. This is located in the online Affiliate Services. Login now.

Be prepared to list the venue name, address, size of venue and the dates of your performance. You will also need to include the registered SESAC songs performed. A list of your catalog will appear on this form for you to choose from. The SESAC songs must be registered first in order to complete this process.

Their Encore. Your Paycheck.Their Encore, Your Paycheck
SESAC pays for live performances of your music, no matter who plays it – you or an artist or band covering your song 2,000 miles away. Using Pollstar data, SESAC is able to track and pay on performances at venues all over the country. If a SESAC affiliate is an artist, they are required to input the performance information online. SESAC utilizes Pollstar data to compensate affiliates if their songs are performed by other artists. This includes headline and opening acts at any venue no matter how big or small. SESAC offers this as a benefit to all affiliates.

Foreign Live Performances
Outside of the United States, SESAC represents your works via our reciprocal agreements with the foreign societies.  Your performances will be monitored and collected by the PRO in that territory.   The royalties are sent to SESAC on your behalf and will be distributed to you through our foreign distribution.  Please submit a LIVE PERFORMANCE log for any tours outside of the US in advance as we can sometimes speed up the process of your royalty collections with that information.  The same form applies for both US and Foreign LIVE PERFORMANCES.

Royalty Weighting Factors

Venue Weight
Live concerts are weighted according to venue size/seating capacity.

Royalty Formula

Performances x Venue Weight x Affiliate Share = Credits

License Fees Available for Distribution / Total Credits = Value Factor

Credits x Value Factor = Royalty Payment

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure your song is properly registered.
  • Be sure to add the recording information.
  • If your song has been performed live, be sure to use the Live Performance Notification System.