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Sources: SESAC makes royalty distributions for performances in the following radio media:

  • Broadcast Radio
    FM/AM commercial and non-commercial stations
  • Public Radio
    Including NPR

SESAC uses state of the art pattern recognition technology supplied by BDS to track performances of its repertory on more than 1,600 commercial FM and AM radio stations in the U.S. Monitoring on these stations occurs on a census basis thus enabling SESAC to collect over 14 million hours of radio air time annually.

Currently SESAC only makes payment for feature performances on radio. A feature performance is a vocal or instrumental work that is the principal focus of audience attention, Feature performances receive 100% of the applicable credit value. Songs achieving certain performance levels on radio may also qualify for bonus payments. Bonus payments may vary by radio format and by quarter in which the performances occur.

Royalty Formula

Performances  x Affiliate Share x Bonus Factor (where applicable) = Credits
Radio License Fees Available for Distribution / Total Credits = Value Factor
Credits x Value Factor = Royalty Payment

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure your song is properly registered.
  • Be sure to add the recording information.
  • Be sure to submit an MP3.
  • If you submit an MP3, be sure it is in the correct format.
  • If a new recording of your song is created, be sure to update the recording information.