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Other Sources

New Media

SESAC makes royalty distributions for performances in the following new media:

  • Satellite Radio
    Sirius and XM
  • Internet Radio
    Simulcast of terrestrial stations
    Streaming services such as AOL and Yahoo
  • Background Music Services
    Music Choice

Performances of SESAC repertory on new media outlets are tracked via electronic performance logs provided by independent data suppliers and received directly from these sources.

Royalty Formula
Performances x Affiliate Share x Bonus Factor (if app) = Credits
License Fees Available for Distribution / Total Credits = Value Factor
Credits x Value Factor = Royalty Payment

Other Sources
SESAC collects license fees from many other non-surveyed sources, including, but not limited to, hotels, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, fitness clubs, and dance centers. For now, license fees from these sources are used to enhance royalty payments made for performances in the aforementioned areas. However, SESAC may choose to make separate distributions for these sources at any time.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure your song is properly registered.
  • Be sure to add the recording information.
  • If your song has been performed live, be sure to the Live Performance Notification System.