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Royalty Distribution Schedule

Domestic Royalty Payments
Royalty payments for performances in the U.S. are distributed approximately ninety days following the end of the calendar quarter in which a performance occurs, provided that we have received all registration requirements necessary to make a proper royalty distribution.

Performances Occurring Between Are Distributed On or Around
January 1 – March 31 (Qtr 1) June 30
April 1- June 30 (Qtr 2) September 30
July 1 – September 30 (Qtr 3) December 31
October 1 – December 31 (Qtr 4) March 31 (next year)

Foreign Royalty Payments
Distributions of royalties received from foreign performance rights societies for performances occurring in their respective territories are distributed approximately 180 days after the close of the calendar quarter in which those royalties are received.

Royalties Received from Foreign
Societies Between

Are Distributed On or Around
January 1 – March 31 September 30
April 1- June 30 December 31
July 1 – September 30 March 31 (next year)
October 1 – December 31 June 30 (next year)

If the foreign or domestic royalty earnings total less than $50.00 in any quarter, we will hold those amounts until subsequent royalty earnings for your account accrue to greater than $50.00 in either category. No paper royalty statements will be mailed until the accumulated royalties are greater than $50.00.

SESAC Monthly Radio Royalty Payments
SESAC has launched a landmark development for songwriters and publishers with MONTHLY radio royalty payments. The process is simple: Just sign up for SESAC’s Direct Deposit here and you’ll be ready to receive monthly radio royalty payments.
The schedule for the acceleration of domestic/terrestrial radio performance payments will run as follows:

Division of Royalties Between Entitled Parties
We consider all entitled party shares of a song a single unit equal to 100%. Payments are pro-rated equally, with the writer(s) receiving 50% and the publisher(s) receiving 50% unless otherwise specified by written agreement signed by all entitled parties.

Royalty Statements
Your royalty statement can be retrieved via our online statement utility within five business days after royalty distributions have been made. You can print a PDF version of your statement, or download it for import into common software applications like Excel and Counterpoint. Online statements are fast, flexible, and convenient, so we encourage you to take advantage of this free service. You will need your affiliate account number and password to access your account.

If you would still like to receive a paper copy of your statement, you may do so by sending your request to statements@sesac.com.

Royalty Payments
Direct deposit is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your royalty payments. The Direct Deposit Authorization Form can be found online. Simply complete and return it and your royalty payments will be automatically deposited into your bank account within two business days of each distribution date. Otherwise, paper royalty checks will be remitted via regular U.S. mail on or around each distribution date. SESAC will not re-issue lost or misplaced royalty checks until 30 days after the above-mentioned distribution dates.

Royalty Assignments and Disputes
SESAC will adjust its records to reflect assignments of royalties, or royalty divisions, in the quarter in which it receives such notice. However, we cannot change our records to reflect such assignments until all financial obligations to us (e.g., advance recoupments) have been met by the assigning party.

In the event that we receive written notification of a copyright dispute, all corresponding royalties will be held in suspense for a period of up to six months. If notification of a voluntary or court-mandated resolution is received within that time, we will release the royalties in accordance with such resolution. Absent a voluntary or court-mandated resolution, we may release withheld royalties in accordance with the earliest registration received and upon receipt of appropriate indemnification from the party receiving the royalties previously held in suspense.

Royalty Adjustments
We must receive requests for royalty adjustments for performances occurring in the U.S. within one year from the date of the performance. Many performing right societies in foreign territories have strict claim dates for errors and omissions. Therefore, it is important that foreign royalty adjustment requests be submitted within nine months of SESAC’s applicable foreign distribution.

SESAC reserves the right to make debit adjustments to your account should erroneous overpayments occur.

Change of Address
We must receive change of address notices at least 14 days before a distribution date for that change to take effect at the next distribution. Change of address notices must be made either in writing or online. Login to your account here.

Arrangements of Public Domain Works
Arrangements of songs that have fallen into the public domain receive 15% of the otherwise applicable performance value.

Direct Licenses
If you license your performances directly to a broadcaster, establishment, or other music user, you must notify SESAC in writing within 10 days of the license being granted and also provide a copy of the license. Royalties that are otherwise payable will not be paid to performances that are direct licensed.

All aforementioned payment practices, as well as royalty values that result from these practices, are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The Royalty Distribution System does not modify or amend the SESAC Writer or Publisher Affiliation Agreement and the terms of the Affiliation Agreement will supersede the Royalty Distribution System to the extent that a conflict arises.