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Foreign Royalties

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Scott Jungmichel, Associate Vice President, Royalty Distribution and Research Services, SESAC.

SESAC has reciprocal agreements with over 89 music rights organizations worldwide.  These agreements, which cover every major territory in the world, allow these societies to license SESAC’s registered works on behalf of our writer and publisher affiliates.  Each foreign society has its own tracking and distribution methodologies that determine the royalties for applicable international performances.  Based on their own distribution schedules, SESAC receives periodic royalty distributions from these foreign societies.  Upon receipt, SESAC audits, processes and prepares these royalties for distribution to our affiliated writers and publishers.

SESAC routinely tracks and documents our affiliates’ foreign performances.  Affiliates may notify SESAC of any foreign performances to help expedite the foreign performance notification process.  In particular, affiliates may use SESAC’s Live Performance Notification System to notify SESAC of live performances overseas.

All aforementioned payment practices, as well as royalty values that result from these practices, are subject to change at any time without prior notice.  The Royalty Distribution System does not modify or amend the SESAC Writer or Publisher Affiliation Agreement and the terms of the Affiliation Agreement will supersede the Royalty Distribution System to the extent that a conflict arises.