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Which member of The Avett Brothers is also a painter?

Scott Avett

Scott's art (below) is the cover art for the lastest Avett Brothers' release, I And Love And You. The vinyl is available now, the CD will be released September 29, 2009.

I And Love And You
Cover Painting, Julianne in Vain, by Scott Avett. Oil On Canvas 2009

Scott Avett was born in Cheyenne Wyoming in 1976 and raised in the Piedmont of North Carolina. His painting career began in 1999 while attending East Carolina University under the advice of painter Leland Wallin.

Avett, who was once referred to as an “Artist Hobo” for his methods of collecting subject matter, inspiration, and time to work, expresses his ideas through multiple artistic mediums. These mediums include illustration, printmaking, painting, sculpture, songwriting, recording, and performing.

Avett’s method of painting changes with each piece in order to avoid a formulated approach to creating artwork. Over the course of his career as a painter, application of paint has progressively gotten thinner with glazes and more layers. Subject matter is primarily figurative and in the form of portrait or narration. Conceptually, Avett’s work involves self critical analysis and awareness of one’s mental strengths and weaknesses such as phobia’s and talents, fears and courage.