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Published: 5/15/2009

SESAC Affiliates Take Part In "500 Songs for Kids"


SESAC affiliates took part in a very worth cause recently at the “500 Songs For Kids” benefit on April 30.  Held at Atlanta’s festive Smith’s Olde Bar, the show featured 500 individual artist to benefit the Songs For Kids Foundation.

Pictured from left to right are: Mona Sawani, Greg Malecki, Tanya Malecki, SESAC Eren Cannata with 
SESAC's Peniece Le Gall and Amy Gerhartz.

SONGS FOR KIDS FOUNDATION is a non-profit foundation that enriches the lives of children in need through music. We bring musicians year round to hospitals, special needs kids camps, and all places where kids are in need.

Kids can suffer from isolation when dealing with an illness or hardship. These same kids, however, wear big smiles as they sing, play and bang on drums with our artists.

Each hospital and camp activity delivers a unique experience, and it's not just the kids who benefit from our programs. The families, hospital staff, and camp personnel also participate and enjoy our programs as much as the kids.

Even kids who can't leave their rooms or are undergoing lengthy treatments are treated to visits and performances by our musicians.