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Published: 11/14/2008

Writers On The Storm

The Morris Brothers
Identical twin brothers Robert and Steven Morris are graduates of Fordham University and Berklee College of Music.  Native New Yorkers, their musical lives began by studying classical piano at the age of 7. Through their teen years, they began to teach themselves bass and guitar; fueled by rock and roll and jazz.  Their songwriting, singing and playing can be heard on two Morris Brothers Band albums Stand Out and Pop The Trunk.  And their new album, One Less Dream, (produced at Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds studio in Los Angeles) is available everywhere.  Songs from One Less Dream have recently been featured on the CW network.  Robert and Steven also have songs on the twice Tony nominated Daphne Rubin-Vega’s (Rent/Wild Things/Anna in the Tropics) release, Redemption Songs.  In addition to pop music, the brothers have had success as composer/lyricists with the new musical Once Around The Sun. After an Off-Broadway run at the Zipper Theatre in 2005, Once Around The Sun has since been licensed for production at the Parco Theatre in Tokyo, Japan, and is currently in development to be made into a feature film.  Robert and Steven have also played in the orchestras of numerous Broadway shows including: Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Wedding Singer, Hot Feet and Good Vibrations.  And for a time, they could be seen as the Mad Cloning Scientists on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sofia J
A New York City native, her singing career eventually brought her to Nashville, where she released “foreverafter” with WORD/EPIC records.  Sofia currently performs songs from her full-length record, “You Gotta Know Me” at festivals, clubs, and sporting events.  Most notably, she recently performed the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden.  Her song “Do You Believe In Me Now” is now featured on the Emmy Award-winning MTV show, MADE, airing this fall.  After touring more than 35 states, upwards of 100,000 fans have witnessed her phenomenal gift of music.  Drawing talent around her, Sofia continues to collaborate with her longtime co-writer and producer, Jay Napoleon Lyons, as well as other well-known producers and songwriters.  Not limiting her abilities to singing alone, Sofia is also an accomplished songwriter and a recipient of the Abe Oleman scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting.  She also realized her long-time dream of acting/hosting in 2007 when she was chosen to be a TV Host for the WLNY talk show On The NY Circuit.

The Crowd
Early 2008 three up and coming solo artist united, & fused there unique styles to create a super group called The Crowd.  Adeline originally from Paris is the pop, soul queen of the group reminiscent of legendary artist such as Tina Turner, & Lauryn Hill. Half Haitian, half French, and fluent in 3 languages expanding the groups global reach.  Akil Dasan originally from Philadelphia is the one man band man, a human beat box guitar playing phenomenon! Who surprises audiences by also showcasing his ability to rhyme, sing, and break dance. Randy Mason is the full fledged emcee & song writer originally from the Bronx, who flows effortlessly lyrics more comparable to the writing of great authors then other emcees. Unlike a lot of groups, The Crowd possesses the rare ability to perform live at any given moment without a DJ, sound system, or even full band.  All they need is each other as Akil provides the music via beat box & acoustic guitar, while Randy contributes thought provoking rhymes, and Adeline strums away at her guitar while singing the catchiest hooks ever written. A combination of hip hop, pop, and soul. Together the crowd is an unlimited 24/7 hit factory writing & producing majority if not all of there music. Backed by multimedia, management, music company ThinkThinkThink Music, the sky is the limit.

Aren B
Aren B (Pronounced as RNB), was born in Warrensburg, Missouri. At the early age of eight, Aren B developed his love for music and began honing his skills through singing and playing the drums in church. After years of practicing, being that he is multi-talented in many aspects, he went on to set up a personal home recording studio in Columbia Missouri where he designed his own promotional material and wrote and recorded his latest hits. Not only is Aren B a talented recording artist, he has a gifted ear for sound engineering as well.
The summer of 2006, Aren B tried out for the Missouri Idol contest where hopefuls from around the state of Missouri compete for the title of "Missouri Idol." He sailed through the competition and won the title with the song, "This Woman's Work," by Maxwell. Soon after, he decided to take his talents to the next level and compete in the American Idol competition. He auditioned in Memphis Tennessee with 18,000 hopefuls and made it through to Hollywood with only 15 others out of Memphis. When asked how he felt about making it to Hollywood he adds, "Making it to Hollywood was a huge accomplishment for me because they only choose 60 guys out of the whole nation." Brendan made the cut from 60 down to 30, but he was eliminated in the second round during the group portion of the show. He claims that he made wonderful relationships during his experience on American Idol and regrets nothing.  Teaming up with childhood friend DJ Bernard Jones was only a matter of time. Given their compatible musical similarities, they started writing timeless House tracks in 2005 that have been released across the globe. Aren B has opened up for Tyrese, H-Town, Silk and has had performances in various locations across the U.S. from New York to Los Angeles. Along with onstage presence, and his commanding style he delivers strong and silky smooth vocals that the ladies love. "I've been inspired by several life experiences, but mostly my imagination has inspired me to write on different topics and situations," states Aren B. He credits his inspiration to: God, Mother, Michael Jackson, Al B. Sure, Maxwell and Color Me Bad who he claims have similar falsetto styles to himself.
Currently Aren B is living in New York city where he has worked with various producers and artists that has helped him build his knowledge of the music industry and gain the experience he needs to succeed. He has written for many projects and has landed a major distribution deal that will take his music to the next level in this current digital age

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