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Published: 5/22/2008

EMusic Planet offers artist and industry networking

EMusicPlanet.Net is an online place for unsigned music artist, major label recording music artist, poets, actors and entertainers to upload their video and written work of live performances of music, video performances, poetry, acting reels, or entertainment talents an artist possess that are unique. We offer a place online where these artist can meet and network from our live webcam connection and while also meeting an audience of viewers. We believe that through entertainment of the arts, music, poetry, celebrity updates, networking, video performances and more EMusicPlanet.Net members can also be giving opportunties to develop and get further in their careers through music recording, tv, film, album support, and much more.

EMusicPlanet provides talented members with quality service and does more for its members who show talent in music, poetry, acting and the arts. We are exceptional at what we do and we keep you updated with new events, upcoming music artist, actors, film&tv projects, celebrities, and a lot more. All members of EMusicPlanet.Net are welcomed and supported in their endeavors in the arts not limited to music, poetry, acting and the arts, we bring many new exciting things to come not limited to fashion, film and tv.

EMusicPlanet.Net also encourages positive role models. EMusicPlanet.Net does not exclude anyone based on race, age, creed, color, or religion. We have the right to feature any talent within our member base for featured live acts, performances, online and offline, in tv, film, radio, photos, etc, worldwide.