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Published: 12/6/2016

Pastor Caesar 45th Annual Christmas Giveway

SESAC is thrilled to support Pastor Caesar with the 45th Annual Christmas Giveaway in Raleigh, NC., during this holiday season.  The generous Toy Drive and Food Drive is only a glimpse into the kind-hearted spirit that Pastor Caesar has to offer.  Pastor Caesar is a special lady, and we’re grateful she’s a part of the SESAC family.

“We are giving toys and food to needy families in the Spirit of Christmas and Love,” said Pastor Caesar.  “It Is important that we help those who are less fortunate.  Anyone can stop by on Sunday, Dec. 18th at 1pm to donate, or buy a product at www.unameitshirley.com to support the cause.  Love to see everyone helping out.”

The Toy Drive and Food Drive will take place at the Mt. Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh.