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Published: 10/5/2016

SESAC and TVMLC Reach Music Performance License Agreement

SESAC Performing Rights (SESAC) and the Television Music License Committee (TVMLC) today announced that they have reached an agreement in principle regarding the terms of the music performance rights licenses to be paid by local commercial television stations in the United States to SESAC for the period of January 2016 through December 2019. A term sheet has been signed and the parties are working together to complete definitive agreements.

“We are gratified to have reached a negotiated agreement with the TVMLC that will allow both parties to avoid the time and additional costs associated with an arbitration, and which will allow SESAC to continue to focus on providing the best service possible for our affiliated writers, composers and publishers,” said John Josephson, SESAC’s Chairman/CEO.

“We are pleased that SESAC and the Committee have been able to negotiate terms for industrywide blanket and per program licenses for the first time in a decade,” said Charles Sennet, TVMLC Chairman.  “We have avoided the costs and uncertainties of an arbitration, and look forward to continuing a productive relationship with SESAC in the years to come.”