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Published: 7/19/2016

SESAC’s Dennis Lord Named Among Billboard’s Top Music Lawyers

Congratulations to Dennis Lord, SESAC’s Executive Vice President, Creative & Business Affairs on being named one of Billboard Magazine’s “Top Music Lawyers” in the new publication.   

"If everybody's a little unhappy, it's probably a good deal," is one of Lord's mantras, and he would know, from his own negotiations both as an attorney and a songwriter. (The Franklin, Tenn., resident wrote Travis Tritt's 1989 hit "Country Club," among others.) That experience has helped Lord ink big deals for SESAC with Green Day and Sony Pictures Entertainment, finalize its ¬acquisition of the Harry Fox Agency and push its gross collections past $400 million. "Trying to take credit for things is juvenile," says Lord. "It's a team effort." – Billboard