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Published: 10/13/2015

SESAC Announces Merger of Harry Fox Agency’s Slingshot Division with Rumblefish

John Josephson, Chairman and CEO of SESAC, today announced the merger of the Harry Fox Agency’s (HFA) Slingshot business teams with Rumblefish, a leader in music micro-licensing, network monetization on platforms such as YouTube and license verification utilizing its patented RADKey® technology.  SESAC acquired Rumblefish in 2013 and completed its acquisition of HFA, the leading U.S. mechanical rights organization, in September 2015.

“Merging the Rumblefish and Slingshot teams will focus our integration efforts, eliminate any overlaps in customer coverage and enable the combined team to maximize the power of a unified service offering, thereby allowing us to accelerate the introduction of an innovative, expanded suite of services,” Josephson said.  “The expanded service portfolio we are developing will streamline the licensing process and enhance the efficiency of our administration activities, driving value for both creators and users of music.”

The combined team will be led by Michael Simon, HFA’s President and CEO, and operate under the Rumblefish brand, with participation from the senior management teams of both companies. Paul Anthony Troiano, Rumblefish’s Founder and CEO, has announced that he will be departing the company, but will remain as an active advisor to the combined company. Slingshot’s services and Rumblefish’s industry leading Content ID administration, Micro-licensing and RADKey® offerings will continue uninterrupted for its hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of content providers as part of an expanded portfolio of services to be offered by the combined company.

The acquisition of HFA provides SESAC with the ability to offer singular licenses for the works of its affiliated writers and publishers that aggregate both performance and mechanical rights. Slingshot, HFA’s next generation rights management business unit, includes a suite of information management and technology solutions designed to simplify and facilitate the administration of intellectual property rights.