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Published: 7/15/2014

AFROPUNK’s Battle Of the Bands Unlocking The Truth Signs SONY Deal

Unlocking The Truth, finalists of the SESAC-sponsored AFROPUNK Battle Of The Bands have just announced a record deal with SONY Music.  The group, comprised of a trio of 8th graders Malcolm Brickhouse, Alex Atkins and Jarad Dawkins, signed the prestigious contract after competing in the talent contest where they vied against 15 other acts from all over the country.

Over 700 bands registered online at afropunk.com from all over the country with the top 16 competing and a winner named each night and moving to the finale.  The finale winners will perform on the AFROPUNK Fest August 23rd and 24th and takes home a full year Mentorship from Trevor Gale, SESAC’s Senior Vice President-Writer/Publisher Relations.

The media property and annual music festival is dedicated to supporting fans of the urban alternative, hardcore, and indie rock scene. This audience and community has a direct influence on emerging pop culture through a movement that is strongly reminiscent of the energy of the early days of Hip-Hop. In 2005, the first annual AFROPUNK Festival debuted at the iconic Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, celebrating and unifying the cultural cornerstones of AFROPUNK: music, film, skate, and the independent and influential individuals that are the lifeblood of the AFROPUNK community.