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Published: 5/13/2014

Jencarlos Canela at the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Conference

On Wednesday, April 23, SESAC Latina made one of the most talked-about presentations at the 25th edition of the Billboard Latin Music Conference. It included a riveting real-time demonstration of the impact and importance of YouTube in the distribution and monetization of music.
Titled "How To Maximize Your YouTube Presence and Revenue," the presentation was given by Aaron Davis, the CEO and Co-Founder of Exploration.io, which helps artists and those who represent them manage their content on YouTube and SoundCloud.
Taking a fascinating educational approach, the presentation began with a live music video shoot for the acoustic version of Jencarlos' song "Irreparable." The clip was then uploaded by Rene Merideth, Exploration Co-Founder and COO, to SESAC Latina's YouTube channel, with the goal of analyzing its impact and geographical reach.
Introduced by J. J. Cheng, Vice President of SESAC Latina, Aaron Davis explained that 1 billion people now use YouTube every month, and it's able to handle licensing services in virtually every country. Speaking about overall digital revenues generated from Latin America, he noted that over the last three years these have increased by over 124 percent, compared to just 28 percent growth in the rest of the world.
He added that 100 hours of new content are uploaded to YouTube every minute and that over 6 billion hours are consumed worldwide every month, 43 percent of which come from music. Addressing its analytics, he said that the site's tabulation and location data are "extremely transparent," as a video's view count is available to the owner of the video.

Discussing monetization of videos, he explained that advertisers pay Google (owner of YouTube) to have their ads appear on the network.  Then, as the videos are watched and the ads are displayed, Google "shares its revenues with you" in accordance with the amount of traffic that your video generates.
Detailing the topic of traffic, Aaron Davis added that videos typically receive 80 percent of their views during their first six to eight weeks on the site. Mobile views accounted for 6 percent of the sites traffic.  In 2012, that number rose to 24 percent and finally, it rose to 40 percent in 2013.  He also explained that in 2011 mobile phones had an approximated worldwide penetration of 13 percent.  That number is expected to grow to 36 percent by 2016, representing over 3 billion people.
Given this reality, Davis recommended that video creators use a detailed description and relevant tags on their uploads, including the artist name, composer, publisher, genre, album, song title and label, among others: "So that fans that do not yet know about your content will be able to discover it via YouTube search, the world's second largest search engine."
Unexpected and surprising, the debut Spanish/English performance by Jencarlos Canela's "Irreparable" during SESAC Latina's presentation became a global trending topic on twitter.com with hashtag #JenBBLatin.