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Published: 11/12/2013

Tunecore’s Jamie Purpora

SESAC is proud to partner with online music distribution company TuneCore to offer affiliates more beneficial services.  Jamie Purpora launched TuneCore Music Publishing Administration two years ago and is the President of TuneCore Publishing.  He previously worked at Bug Music for 17 years (the last 10 as the Sr VP Of Administration).  Recently Purpora took time to answer some questions about the future of the digital music landscape.

How would TuneCore Publishing Administration enhance my SESAC membership?

Having a Publishing Administrator representing your compositions enables you to license and collect additional royalty streams due from their sales and uses.  These include but are not limited to - Mechanicals from Downloads, Streams and Physical Products along with Print, Ringtones and Synchronization fees for any Film or TV uses.  Without a Publishing Administrator these royalties from entities like iTunes & Amazon (outside of the US & Latin America), Spotify, Rhapsody and countless other download and streaming stores sit unclaimed.  

What territories and sources are covered?

All territories and sources worldwide where the local laws protect copyrighted works. 

Do you negotiate synch fees in house and issue licenses?

Our in house licensing team with decades of experience negotiates and issue licenses for any possible uses.  These include Synchronization, Mechanical, Print and many other types of licenses that are often required.

Do you promote my compositions in any way for Film/TV and other possible licensing opportunities?

Our in house Creative Team actively pitches compositions for any possible uses to Film & TV Supervisors and Producers.  Our Synch & Master Licensing online database which is only available to Film & TV Supervisors and Producers assists them in finding the right songs for their individual needs.  If you also distribute your recording through TuneCore they are made available in this database.

What about retroactive accountings?  If I sign up now do you collect back money? 

That depends on the source but in many cases we have been able to collect royalties that were generated as far back as five to seven years.

When and how do I get paid?

We account quarterly 45 days after each calendar quarter.  A detailed accounting statement is posted on your TuneCore dashboard with each quarterly payment.

Who is eligible for Publishing Administration through TuneCore?

TuneCore Publishing Administration is available to all songwriters and publishers Worldwide. If you own the rights to your compositions and as long as you do not have a current active administration agreement in place, co publishing deal (which contain administration rights) or have assigned your compositions to a third party they are eligible.

Do I have to submit my full catalog of works?

Only the compositions you submit will be administered.  You can also submit additional compositions going forward as long as the deal is active.

What does TuneCore Publishing Administration cost?

A one-time set up fee of $75.  This covers all compositions you submit along with any future compositions you add at a later date as long as the agreement is still active. 

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is go toww.tunecore.com/publishing">www.tunecore.com/publishing and click “get a publishing deal”.  From there you enter your information, agree to the terms, checkout and them submit your compositions.  It’s that simple!

More detailed answers to these and many other questions can be FOUND HERE.