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Published: 9/23/2013

SESAC Statement on Pandora

The rights and livelihoods of songwriters and composers are being threatened by the actions of Pandora Media Inc., a company that is attempting to slash royalties due songwriters and music publishers for the public performance of their copyrights on the Pandora platform.  Pandora dominates the streaming marketplace in the U.S. and is expanding its popular music platform directly at the expense of songwriters and music publishers.  Creators should be fairly compensated for their copyrights which is unquestionably the core of Pandora’s business.  Music is the product! 

For many songwriters receiving fair compensation is a matter of survival and any effort by Pandora or any company to purposefully jeopardize songwriters’ livelihood must be vigorously opposed. SESAC remains on the front lines against these and other economic and legislative threats to songwriters, composers, and music publishers.