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Published: 8/15/2012

By Butter

Have we come to that part of the future where it has become the present? I'm talking about holograms ladies & gentlemen! Holograms!

Is this what it is coming to in live entertainment? That we have to watch artists perform even after death? Would people much rather see good performances by living artist rather than performances by dead artists? Or has the art of performing faltered? Are the performers of today not up to par with those of yesterday? I hear questions constantly thru social media like “Where are our James Browns? Our Earth Wind & Fires? Our groups like Yes & Rush? Our Roy Clarks, Barbara Mandrells  & her sisters?”
Now don't take me wrong, I'm all for technology and it's advancement & use within this industry and I'm not opposed to using the Hologram technology in conjunction with live performances in the form of props, scenery & creative design but, bringing people back to life thru three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source just creeps me out a little.  I believe that with the state of the recording industry today it is more imperative to hone performance skills to generate income for one’s survival. This comes through study & practice that tends to be a difficult task for many which leads me to some more questions.  Will the bands, background vocalist & dancers become holograms now putting an untold amount of people out of work?This, I think, would be a disservice to the hard-working men & women who have studied their craft & instruments for a substantial part of their life and would truly take the “live” out of live performance
Now with all this new technology how does SESAC serve our writers efficiently? What will the royalty payments be for these types of  performances?  Will it be an Electronic Performance Royalty rate or a Live Performance Royalty rate? Can artists that are still living have five concerts going on at the same time receiving a Live Performance Royalty rate plus revenue from the show all while they are potentially on the beach in Bora Bora? These are some things that no doubt will be looked into, tried  and argued over in the VERY NEAR future! Like Tomorrowish!!!

Send an email to Butter at whatstrendingbutter@gmail.com.