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Published: 3/13/2012

SESAC Latina Affiliates Dominate Billboard Charts

#1  REGIONAL MEXICAN AIRPLAY – “LLAMADA DE MI EX” - Arrolladora Banda   El Limón de René Camacho

This week, we celebrate two simultaneous #1s for original songs written by SESAC Latina-affiliated composers. “Inténtalo” (Atrévete), written by Patricia Loredo, reigns over Hot Latin Songs, while “Llamada De Mi Ex,” written by Ariel Barreras (SACM), tops in Regional Mexican Airplay.  Published by Billboard magazine, both of these charts tabulate airplay in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Popularizing the new “tribal” dance and fashion youth trends, “Inténtalo” is the first single from the new album by 3BallMTY. A trio of DJs, 3BallMTY collaborated with vocalists El Bebeto and América Sierra on this beguiling track. For the week ending March 10, 2012, Billboard magazine, using data electronically compiled by Nielsen BDS, reports that “Inténtalo” has the highest airplay audience of any song in all Latin genres, including pop, rock, tropical, rhythmic, Regional Mexican, urban and others.

At the same time, “Llamada De Mi Ex,” the first single from the album Irreversible... 2012 by recent Latin Grammy® winner La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho, is enjoying its fifth consecutive week at #1 as the Regional Mexican song with the highest airplay audience totals nationwide.

“Llamada De Mi Ex” is also #1 on Monitor Latino’s Top 20 Regional Mexican USA chart and #2 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, behind only the aforementioned “Inténtalo.” The composer of “Llamada De Mi Ex” is the Mexican songwriter Ariel Barreras (SACM), who is represented by SESAC Latina in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
Patricia Loredo, the songwriter of “Inténtalo” (3BallMTY), is directly affiliated with SESAC Latina.

Both tracks are released exclusively by Universal Music Latin Entertainment (UMLE).