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Published: 7/18/2011

Jeff Beal’s Double Score

Composerww.jeffbeal.com">Jeff Beal has been working on a slew of new projects lately including the upcoming Al Pacino project, Wilde Salome.  Beal scored the music for the high profile release which will be directed by the Academy Award-winning actor.  The movie, which stars Pacino as well as Jessica Chastain and Kevin Anderson, is based on Oscar Wilde’s most controversial works and centers around a scintillating tale of lust, greed and one woman's scorn. The movie is scheduled to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August.

Beal also worked on the  upcoming horse racing series on HBO entitled Luck which is directed by Michael Mann and stars Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. An air date has not been announced for the series.