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Published: 7/11/2011

SESAC Applauds New Copyright Alert System

(Nashville, TN): SESAC, the nation’s most progressive performing rights organization, today voiced enthusiastic support for the announcement of a new Copyright Alert System to be utilized by Internet service providers that will notify consumers of possible illegal copyright theft on their internet accounts.  The momentous new system, paired with the Center for Copyright Information, will provide internet subscribers with information and advice on possible content theft on their accounts and help users understand the importance of protecting copyrighted material online. 

“SESAC applauds the historic new Copyright Alerts System and the initiative to stop music piracy ,” said Pat Collins, SESAC’s President/COO.  “The damage to the creative community by digital theft is incalculable and wide ranging. Copyright infringement has crippled the economy and we have to be aggressive and viligent in protecting copyrights and intellectual property.   The new Copyright Alert System and Center for Copyright Information are definitely steps in the right direction in battling this illegal activity.”