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Published: 5/27/2011

Baby Jaymes Gets Double Duty

Baby Jaymes saw double duty with two placements when his song was used in hit CBS drama, NCIS as well as on Ashton Kutchers’ series, The Beautiful Life which now airs on YouTube.  Baby Jaymes also flexed his acting chops when he was featured in a role on the Discovery Channel’s I Almost Got Away With It.

ABOUT Baby Jaymes:
Baby Jaymes has a style all his.  With a sound described as part Soul, part R&B, party Hip-Hop and party mystery, his “Ghetto Retro” sound is one of a kind.  The Oakland-based musician boasts an expansive resume with credits that include work with R&B legend Raphael Saadiq and funk luminary George Clinton he has also had his music featured in major motion pictures such as Malibu’s Most Wanted, My Baby’s Daddy, and Any Given Sunday. Sometimes referred to as “The Black Beck,” in reference to the genre-pushing rocker, Baby Jaymes’ critically-acclaimed first album, The Baby Jaymes Record, confirmed his status as a musical chameleon, as well as an artist to watch for. Most recently Baby Jaymes released a single, “Heart & Soul,” a moving declaration of who he is and his musical intentions. He addresses how his sound is different because he’s not in it for the hustle, singing “Why you always doing you, do what everybody do, if you’re really trying to get it?/ instead of trying to dumb me down, doing what they’re doing now, here’s something you won’t forget.” The track incorporates the staples of what you’d imagine Ghetto Retro to be like: DJ Touré, of Hieroglyphics fame, adds scratches that roll along with the Motown-like beat, complete with trumpets and harmony vocals, and Baby Jaymes’ smooth and passionate voice is reminiscent of throwback greats like Stevie Wonder while still sounding fresh and new. People will inevitably still try to categorize Baby Jaymes with “Heart & Soul,” but in the end, he just wants you to stop and enjoy the music.