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Published: 4/25/2011

Music by Jeff Beal featured in Beyond the Blackboard

Beyond The Blackboard
Sunday, April 24, 9PM

"Beyond the Blackboard" is a wonderful film about the true story of Stacy Bess, a young teacher who's first assignment was at a "school" for homeless kids in Salt Lake City.  It sheds a light on both the importance of our dedicated teachers, and the plight of the homeless in America.   The film is directed by Jeff Bleckner.  Music is by SESAC's Jeff Beal.

ABOUT Jeff Beal:
Emmy award winning composer Jeff Beal is a member of a new generation of eclectic composers. He is fluent in the diverse languages of jazz, classical, contemporary, electronic and world music. Beal’s compositions can be heard in movie theaters, concert halls, CD recordings and on television. Steven Schneider (regular contributor to the NY Times) wrote of "...the richness of Beal's musical thinking - the ways in which he conceives of his solos as fully-developed mini compositions, while his compositions often capture the liveliness and unpredictability of the best improvisation."