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Published: 4/15/2011

SESAC Atlanta Strip Showcase

SESAC Atlanta switched it up and took the STRIP Showcase to a new venue, 595 North. Good sound, a strong turnout and an awesome ambiance were the backdrop to another successful event that included performances by B. Chase Williams, Ziggy the Rockstar, Prema Lanae, Jamila and Prez Express. Check out a clip posted by the venue:ww.youtube.com/user/nb595north#p/a/u/0/qxmrYfr3_Mw">http://www.youtube.com/user/nb595north#p/a/u/0/qxmrYfr3_Mw

SESAC Atlanta Strip Chowcase

Gospel artist B. Chase Williams raising the roof at the SESAC Atlanta Strip Showcase

Ziggy the Rockstar rocking the crowd with a fiery performance

SESAC’s Cappriccieo Scates with Prez Express


Jamila Thompson singing and dancing for an enthused crowd

L to R: Tommy Reynolds, Esq. with Bryan-Michael Cox and Cappriccieo Scates of SESAC

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