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Published: 4/15/2011

SESAC Latina Presents Regional Mexican Music Showcase

El Güero y Banda Centenario
SESAC Latina presented a Regional Mexican Music Showcase showcase in San Antonio featuring performances by Grupo Control and Grammy-Award winner El Güero y su Banda Centenario. The showcase also presented a much-deserved tribute to El Güero (Jorge Hernández) for winning the 2011 American Grammy for Best Banda Album.

 Together with his Banda Centenario, he thanked the assembled invitees in signature fashion – by putting on an extraordinary show and showing why he was the winner of the world’s most prestigious musical award – the Grammy.

The other guest of the evening was Control – the kings of the cumbia rhythm. Their performance caused a festive uncontrolled rush to the dance floor by the over 500 attendees at San Antonio’s Club Río. With its ample stage, beautiful furnishings and excellent lines of sight, this club was the perfect venue for an exclusive celebration. 

Grupo Control performs

As composers, El Güero and the members of Control are affiliated with SESAC Latina, the public-performance rights organization that sponsored the event. Also on hand were executives of the music company A.R.C. and personalities from Univision Radio San Antonio.

Vibrant, full of energy and brimming with contagious rhythms, the performances of El Güero y su Banda Centenario fuse banda with a sophisticated Duranguense style. Meanwhile, Control features a vast repertoire of uptempo cumbias. Both groups were loudly welcomed and cheered by the invitees, who danced the night away.